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Things You Shouldn’t Say When Pulled Over by a Cop

If you’re pulled over by police for speeding, improper lane changes, or other traffic violations, you’re undoubtedly nervous. We all know that when our nerves are unsettled, we sometimes say things without thinking first. When you’re speaking to a policeman, it is important not to let your frustrations get the best of you. A lot of things that you say to a police officer can result in more trouble or even a trip to jail.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Using power against a police office is nothing that you should consider trying. Cops aren’t easily intimidated and this sort of threat usually doesn’t end well for drivers. It is better to talk things out with the officer in a peaceful, calm demeanor.

I Know a Cop

It’s one of the oldest lines in the book and it doesn’t work on a good cop. Don’t throw out who you know on the force if you’re pulled over. You are subject to the same rules of the road as other drivers and this will unlikely go well for you.

Go Catch the Real Criminals

If you want to minimize the damage of a traffic stop, be as polite, kind, and courteous as possible. Don’t make any snide remarks, especially referencing that the officer is wasting his time bothering with you. Remember, cool, calm, and casual is important.

Can We Make This disappear?

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Whether you proposition the officer with adult activities or money or something else, you could land yourself in hot water. Don’t ever ask this question, even in a joking manner.

You may not want to deal with fairfax county traffic violations, fines, and points on your driving record, but it is a much better option than dealing with the consequences that may occur if you say some of the things above. Don’t take that risk.