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How to Keep Your Alternator Performing its Best

The alternator is an important component found on every vehicle. It’s connected to the engine and supplies the battery with the power that it needs to operate the vehicle and the electrical systems inside. It is a component that continually works to provide drivers a safe, smooth ride. In fact, if the alternator goes bad, the car won’t operate.

Alternator lifetime varies from one vehicle to another, but averages seven years, or about 100,000 miles. Some alternators are out at 80,000 miles.  Several factors can contribute to the demise of the alternator, including a lack of preventative maintenance. It is important to schedule alternator repair portland oregon as soon as you notice trouble. Most alternators include a one-year warranty.

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Signs that your alternator is failing include dim headlights, burning electrical odors, electrical component failure, and battery failure. You may also notice that the engine has a strange noise. Sometimes the noise is a squealing sound while other times it is a growling or a grinding type noise that you’ll hear. Don’t ignore these signs and schedule service as soon as there is a reason.

Before this time, there are numerous ways to keep your alternator (and the remainder of your vehicle) in tip-top condition. Keep a watchful eye on the alternator and make sure preventative maintenance service is scheduled regularly. Check the battery before you drive the vehicle and pay attention to the car and the driving conditions. Pay special attention to those lights on the dashboard, and if the alternator or battery light comes on, take action!

Your alternator serves an important function in the car. Make sure you take extra precaution to keep it protected and in good condition. The information here can help you in that quest.